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May 23 2017

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moirailisnimbus replied to your photo “master-of-disguise.png”

HSKDLF… killian is a kugurumi of a dragon.

♪ oh shit, sweet flips ♬

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Hand-Folded Silver Origami Jewelry By Folditcreations On Etsy

*More Things & Stuff

May 22 2017

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have some sealy friends

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here’s your weekly 3 am anime 

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Sick ass adventure wizard investigates native crustacean with his supportive but easily spooked familiar 

On this aesthetic I will build my church and all the powers of hell will not conquer it

Coyote Peterson met a young ocelot in the jungle. This ocelittle frequents tourist trails in a wildlife park, and so it’s accustomed to people and doesn’t see them as a threat.

It fiercely “attacked” him.

It stole his socks.

It picked a fight with a crab.

You should watch all of these. But especially the crab one.

You’re welcome.

He is so clearly enchanted with her even when she’s chewing on his head. It’s wonderful.

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Poots? Bants? I fucking hate this dickhead. Where are his boots? Are his pants one big boot? Are his boots pants? Can you imagine how hard it would be to get dressed in the morning if you had to put on some fucking gay ass skinny pants that were boots?
Is that why he has 0 chill? Because of his boot pants? Do his bants make him so angry that he acts like a lil’ bitch for the rest of the day? Is he trying to look cool in his poots? I hate him, KC, bitch ass, kinky bean sprout looking mother fucker.

Is he trying to look like the gang? Is he trying to dress kinky? We just don’t know, fuck him.

I thought this was going to be a “Kaiba legs appreciation” or a “Seto Kaiba is 75% legs” post, but this is even better and I’m cracking up so hard.



May 19 2017

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see you space car boys…

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Beast Boy: “guess what Rae I got another dog from the street!”

Raven: “but we have like 300 already…”

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Thomas Stearns Eliot, from The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

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been drawing a lot of zelda lately

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I wish I was still in bed sleeping this Monday away….



snack eater

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Cecilia Palacios

A study of cat and rat bones

Check out more work here: website, instagram, tumblr

EatSleepDraw is working on something new and we want you to be the first to know about it. Make sure you’re on our email list.





I demand fic of Bruce Wayne sitting uncomfortably at Martha Kent’s dining room table as she pours him a glass of lemonade and asks him about himself.

“Oh, uh. Well. I’m uh. Batman,” he says. 

And Martha’s like, “Yes, dear, you’ve told me, I meant do you have any hobbies or interests?”

And Bruce is just sweating and trying not to mention his dead mother. 

#martha: maybe u collect things?#bruce: orphans#martha: ??????#bruce: adopt. i mean ive adopted 6 children (via @assajj)

as soon as she asks him to tell her abt the children tho he flies into like essay-length rants abt how amazing his kids are and how much he loves them

bruce: (pulling pictures from his wallet) this is dick he’s my oldest, he was me for a while when i died, he did a very good job. this one’s the whole family, there’s dick again, that’s tim, jay, damian, and cassandra, don’t they all look so well behaved and handsome? it took three hours to get this taken because they all kept trying to kill each other. oh, look, this is one of tim punching through cinder blocks i was so proud that day….

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Tritoan Ly

May 18 2017

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William B. Kerr & Co, Octopus chatelaine, 1900. Sterling silver. Newark, New Jersey. Via flysfo 

I neeeed to know what all those things are. Smelling salts? Rectangle thing, purse…pen? Watch. Yes?

The rectangle is probably a notepad, and judging by the rivet instead of a seam or a binding of any kind, is was most likely made out of ivory. If it is made of ivory or some other wipeable surface, then the pen is most likely a small graphite pencil.

Ivory notepads were abundant through the 18th and 19th century and obviously declined with the advancements in paper production. They allowed for a reusable surface for writing when you weren’t able to carry a small notebook to take notes, like if you were taking care of a large house and staff and needed your hands for work instead of carrying a notebook or if you were out and about town without a satchel to hold your items. 

Notepads like these are still sold today by stores catering to reenactors of the American Revolution, using salvaged ivory piano keys instead of opting for illegal ivory.

Here is a set that was owned by Benjamin Franklin

A set with days of the week engraved on them for even easier note taking.

And a reproduction made with piano keys by and including a metal encased stick of graphite attached for ease of use, made by the Goose Bay Workshop.

THERE ARE REPRODUCTIONS OF THESE?! Hello item that is immediately going on a wishlist.

I LOVE CHATELAINES. So much that I’m working on building a modern one.

Mine includes two multitools, a flashlight, a magnifying glass, a firestarter, a mirror, a compass, a whistle, and a drinking flask. All the parts can be mixed and matched.

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concept sketches/refs for myself for my version of the taz boys <3

May 16 2017

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she falls in love so easily i worry for her

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