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June 27 2017

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♡ MERMAY! Part 1 ♡

I had a great time exploring negative shapes this Mermay. All originals are up for sale on my new site:
JIJI.storenvy.com ♡

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♡ MERMAY! Part 2 ♡

I had a great time exploring negative shapes this Mermay.
All originals are up for sale on my new site:

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reallly wanted to draw usagi in a cute swimsuit 💘

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started watching the 90s sailormoon, but still got a long way to catchup!!

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Handmade Succulent Clay Jewelry By Sofoxyclay On Etsy

*More Things & Stuff

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Fairy ElderGods Mother~

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Harley Quinn & Poison Ivy in DC Bombshells #100

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Japanese visual artist Nobuhiro Nakanishi doesn’t believe that time can be grasped, but with his latest exhibition, he does a spectacular job of showing us what it might look like if we could capture it in the palms of our hands.

The project is called Layer Drawings, though the phrase ‘drawings’ is used only conceptually here. Nakanishi actually composes the display by transferring hundreds of photos, taken at various time intervals, to square-shaped acrylic panels. When viewed from the right angle, the images appear to slowly fade into each other before vanishing altogether into a final blur. One can see the passage of time as a whole, as well as pinpoint each individual moment of its progression. (Source) @sixpenceee

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A shirt design of my boss, Muffet, from Undertale. I made it in partner with Fangamer and it was a lot of fun!! You can buy the shirt here!

Credit to the cute muffin spider design goes to Magnolia~

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Summertime rolls 🍹🌵☀️

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Happy Eid~

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If you guys wanna see what the flowers look like with numbers, here’s an idea ;) I love these so much ❤️ I think the preorders are gonna go down at the end of the month since I now have all the supplies I need!!! Flowers rolling out soon ;)

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“Veins of the earth III”

Another aerial view onto the Pjórsá flow delta in the South of Iceland



Art I’ve made in 2017 so far!

I’ve improved a lot this year, and I need to keep bein motivated to make more art! Thank you all for the support you’ve given me this year, it’s been amazing !

society6 / twitter / tip jar

Society is having a sale! Get 20% off and free worldwide shipping on all products in my shop!

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(○゜ε^○)-  ‘’Le petit Jacques Septique ‘’


“Top of the morning to you ladies “ / “Bien le bonjour à vous, mesdemoisellles !“

The real translation word per word is “ “Au dessus du matin pour vous mesdemoiselles ! “ but that doesn’t mean anythin’ at all. “top of the mornin’” is more an expression so the french equivalent is a bit different too.(´ε` )♡

- Also,nice chez d’oeuvre ! Magnifique ! J’achète hon hon !-

I’m glad I could do the French proud with my abominations :P

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