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February 07 2018

February 06 2018

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Acting Captain’s log, Stardate 4523.3. 

I dinnae know why the captain returned with a ripped shirt while the rest of the away team look perfectly fine. They landed on Tribble Planet. There’s nothin’ but Tribbles there. Doctor McCoy looks mighty peeved and Mr. Spock hasn’t spoken since their return. The Captain looks pleased with himself. Why am I still on this ship. Help.


Hades: *sitting outside a cafe, enjoying coffee and a newspaper* 
Cerberus: *sitting at his feet people-watching*

*A thud against the other side of the window they’re sitting beside makes them both look up*

Persephone, inside the cafe with both palms flat against the window and her face too close to the glass: CAN I PET YOUR DOG? 

February 05 2018

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spock’s hair in The Cage is just so so so so cute :-) 

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adventure time parody

Portable Data

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Drawing challenge day 116 Red hood

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hello all, would anyone be interested in a dropbox folder with all the readings from the very good renaissance lit and the history of sexuality seminar i’m in? Gender & sexuality & renlit/early modern lit & history. Tons of queer theory stuff, some Shakespeare stuff, – mostly with a p. historicist bent bc that’s what the prof is into. 

I can’t, like, vouch for every essay being good or having good takes (i have not read a fraction of these yet) but a lot of them have great titles and i want to share the wealth. Will upload more to the folder as my prof uploads more to our course site. 

feel free to reblog this post & spread the link! Gay renlit bullshit for everyone!!

reblogging to let y’all know that my professor uploaded a bunch more files so I’ve added about a dozen readings to this dropbox folder! Including essays on sodomy in marlowe’s edward ii! shakespeare’s sonnets and the history of sexuality! gender performance and crossdressing in lyly’s gallathea! early modern theories abt human reproductive systems! And more! 

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“You see colors when you touch your soulmate for the first time”

Thank you Cyans-stardust for the kofi! And to the anon that sent this promt! SOULMATE AU IS MY JAM! 

Ask under the cut.

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The tough experiences in life are what make us girls prettier.

These prints are now available at my store!

February 04 2018


hi there my name’s griffin mcelroy welcome to monster factory

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@pervertedpastelwitch About to begin, with Kory as the instructor.

Let’s imagine that’s Black Canary at the front.

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I only have to thank my sister and my friends if I - finally - got into the fma world. It was the best present.♡

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So um….I’m meeting Geoff in a few days. So I drew him cos….What a muse.

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it eats away at you

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I swear to god this Soviet cartoon is the single most adorable thing in existence. Do yourself a favor and check out “A Kitten Named Woof” (Котенок по имени Гав), you won’t regret it.

“But that’s not right, see? One man with the power of life and death.”

“But if he’s a good man—” Carrot began.

“What? What? OK. OK. Let’s believe he’s a good man. But his second-in-command—is he a good man too? You’d better hope so. Because he’s the supreme ruler, too, in the name of the king. And the rest of the court…they’ve got to be good men. Because if just one of them’s a bad man the result is bribery and patronage.“

Men at Arms: A Novel of Discworld

Terry Pratchett

(via gatheringbones)

February 03 2018

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It’s for a mission, Mr Spock ;(

Buy me a coffee ☕

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bloody hell, jeremy

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