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August 30 2017



Honestly, a lot of my favourite elements of popular media have come about directly from writers being passive-aggressive.

Let me give you a classic example: Happy Days. For a lot of folks reading this post, it’s probably before your time, but you’re likely to at least be familiar with Fonzie, a supporting character played by Henry Winkler who ended up being so popular that he’s literally the only thing anybody remembers about the show.

Now, if you recognize the name, you might also know that one of Fonzie’s more notable quirks is that he tends to take his motorcycle with him everywhere - even indoors, including many places where there’s no obvious way for him to have gotten it there. What you might not know, however, is why the writers came up with this running gag in the first place.

Y’see, Fonzie was originally conceived as the “bad influence” character - the cool, dangerous bad boy. As part of that characterisation, the writers wanted to have him wear a leather jacket. (Because it was the 1970s, and that counted as edgy back then.) The network censors, however, objected, claiming that allowing him to wear the jacket would encourage juvenile delinquency and gang violence. (Again, it was the 70s.)

Eventually, the writers worked out a deal whereby they’d be allowed to have Fonzie wear the jacket - but only if he was riding or otherwise physically near his motorcycle, since a leather jacket is a common article of safety equipment when operating a non-enclosed vehicle, and we can’t let impressionable kids see somebody riding a motorcycle without proper safety equipment, can we?

Then they just wrote the motorcycle into every scene, regardless of whether it made sense or not, thereby allowing Fonzie to wear the jacket all the time.

What. The. Fuck.

That is utterly brilliant.

August 29 2017




When Harry gets his first place after Hogwarts that actually has more than one floor, he comes home after getting a load of boxes to find Hermione using a sledgehammer on the drywall beneath the stairs. And Ron’s like, “Look, mate, I borrowed this stuff from my dad, I’ve got a DRILL and a - what’s it called again, Hermione?” “A stud finder.” “Right, one of those, and we’re going to fix your stairs.” Harry’s like, “But there’s nothing wrong with them.” “Yes, Harry, there is.” Harry’s just sort of standing there in total bewilderment while Hermione totally demolishes the wall. “We couldn’t have done that with magic?” “No, Harry, this is personal. You two take this mess out to the skip.” And then Harry stands around a while longer and Hermione puts in support beams in the appropriate places so the stairs don’t fall in, and Ron’s very excited about using the stud finder even though Hermione won’t let him use the drill. When they’re finished, Harry has this set of shelves. So he says, still completely confused, “I thought we picked this place because it had loads of storage.” And Hermione says, “Go get some of my books. I know it’s just shelves, but it’s not a bloody cupboard.”

And every time Harry moves for the rest of his life, Ron and Hermione are there on moving day and they knock out anything under the stairs, even if it’s just a wall. Hermione reads a lot of books. Ron learns to use a miter saw and a carpenter’s square and practices the nail hammering spell until he can do it perfectly on the first try. And sometimes it isn’t very practical but it looks nice…

And sometimes, when they all get older and have children, it’s cozy and has a purpose…

And eventually Hermione gets the trick of there being nothing under the stairs at all

Which is the story of how Harry Potter never lived in a house with a cupboard under the stairs again for the entire rest of his life.

Quality post.

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this is so heartbreaking

One of my favorite installations

The work of Felix Gonzalez-Torres is some of the most pointed and intimate about gay male love and experience during the years of/following the AIDS crisis. It still haunts me when I think about it.

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The one thing the Vagabond fears?


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In order to save costs, the 101 Dalmatians production team thought up an inventive way to animate the vehicles seen in the movie. Instead of drawing the vehicle frame by frame the conventional way, a cardboard model was filmed, as effects animators moved it around in front of the camera. Note the black lines that define all edges.

Frames from this live-action footage were xeroxed on to cels before being painted in the ink & paint apartment. The same process was used later on for Edgar’s motorcycle in The Aristocats.

(From Andreas Deja blog, Deja View)

For as long as man can remember animators have been trying to avoid animating cars 

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love in bloom 🌸🌷🌺

rii you always floor me with these details and colors sobs

August 28 2017

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some WoWo doodles haha (bc i am in love with her ♡)

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I love these kids <3

(sorry for the lack of posts lately, its been pretty hectic for the last 2 months!)

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Yugi she’s baring her soul here can you go 30 seconds without bringing up card games

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figured out how to get my Chronically Sleepy gf to wake up in the morning







help i accidentally created a cleric with a -1 to religion checks how the fuck did i even do that

“hey i just realized, we’ve been on this trip for weeks and i’ve never really seen you praying”

“eh, yeah, i mostly only do that sort of stuff at greengrass and midsummer”

“…. sharindlar literally gives you magical powers. you have a magical tattoo.”

“yeah she’s cool, she knows i’m busy”

religion checks are more about knowledge regarding deities than devotion

“don’t worry, guys, sharindlar will smite the shit outta anyone we need smote, that’s what she’s all about!”

“… isn’t she an avatar of mercy and life?”

“she’s an avatar of shut the hell up”

Character with skill sets that don’t match their class are my favorite thing

When I first started playing Pathfinder I thought “craft” meant like “watercraft” and I gave a ton of it to my Barbarian so I wouldn’t be useless running with the two pirates in our group.

Mid game my DM was like “No… Like… Arts and crafts.”

And I was like “Fuck it he knits, is there any yarn on the ship?”

DM: *Rolls dice* … *Looks up* This shipment is nothing but yarn.

Me: I’m going to knit a sweater.

DM: What’s your craft score again? *Looks at page*………………. Don’t even roll…

DM: So you all pull into port wearing sweaters beautifully knitted by our goddamned Barbarian.

Ragtag group of scoundrels & assassins: Yay!

i generally don’t reblog this post much because if i did that for every example someone reblogged this with i’d spam everyone’s feed, but i love this

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i appreciate and i think there should be more of bookworm geoff 

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The fourth fake vintage ad for monsters is here, only one left before the whole set is done !

cute werewolves need cute clothes 

more vintage ad by monsters, for monsters:





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After even longer than last time, here is the third fake vintage ad for monsters

we come back stronger than ever with SHRIEKING and being even deader than the ROTTEN™ model

more vintage ad by monsters, for monsters:





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I’ve been meaning to start a serie of fake vintage ad’s for monster for a while because is there anything better than good old monsters and stylish advertisement 

the answer is no 

more vintage ad by monsters, for monsters:





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i wanna know who spent a once-in-a-lifetime event to take this horrifying aesthetically-pleasing picture

Welcome to Night Vale.

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Sailor senshi sketches I uploaded on my twitter.

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There are n*zis on campus rn and a student brought out like a 1997 boombox and started blasting Taking The Hobbits to Isengard every time they tried to say something.


Chaotic good

In Jewish tradition, one of our holidays is called Purim. It celebrates the defeat of an antisemitic political advisor to a king who liked to prowl the streets ranting his hatred. Part of the story of Purim involves the people being ranted at inventing a special kind of noisemaker to drown him out.

Basically what I’m saying is this student is following a grand tradition whether they realize it or not and they should be proud.

not only is Purim about drowning out fascists, it’s about doing so in the most absurd and embarrassing ways possible! fascism thrives on an aura of invincibility, and it’s hard to hold onto that when people keep making farting sounds every time you open your mouth

so really, weaponized memes are PERFECTLY in keeping with the Purim spirit

*slams fist on table* NOW THIS is the kind of religious/cultural tradition I can get behind! 

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